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There's Always a Better Way To...


Craft Relevant Campaigns

Experience dynamic personalization by tailoring each email, push notification, SMS, and in-app message to your audience based on the right triggers and user states.


Engage Your Customers

Preventing churn requires a strategic approach. We identify key drop-off behaviors and opportunities before deploying targeted campaigns to high-value user segments.


Make Room for Growth

We consider all marketing activities and create solutions for your big-picture goals, so your campaigns can adapt and scale as your business evolves through each growth stage.

Our Clients Are

Changing the Game


Our Clients Are Changing the Game

What Does Grafted Mean?

In biology, “grafting” is a process of combining tissues from one plant with another.

Similarly, we dive into your world, understand your challenges and goals, and work closely with your team to support your growth. 

Harness Industry Experience

Trust us, we've seen it all in this industry. Let us bring some fresh ideas to the table to spice up your team's marketing needs.

Leverage Technical Knowledge

We've got a firm grasp on the latest marketing automation technology and can help you utilize their features for a smoother workflow.

Strengthen Skill Development

Overall, we're here to invest time and effort to make your team's lives easier, all with the goal of supporting your company's growth.

Our Approach

Here’s a sneak peek of how we work

Discovery & Implementation

Let's start with your goals. Then, we'll strategize to tackle your challenges, from selecting the best marketing platform to addressing customer drop-off risks.

Modular Email Template Design

As part of our Lifecycle Implementation service, we'll create custom email designs that are not only easy to use, but look fantastic on any device you use.

Copy Creation & Design Mockups

We don't just craft marketing strategies, we bring them to life! Not only do we handle the copy and email design layouts, but if you've got an idea brewing, we're all ears. Send it our way and we'll refine it together.

Operations & Execution

Here's our favorite part: launching your campaigns! We add dynamic values, establish complex logic, target audiences, and test campaigns to make sure they're ready to go live.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It.

Our Clients Are Some of Our Biggest Fans.

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    We really enjoyed working with Grafted to uplift our entire customer marketing program. Besides being experts at customer growth, they are really fun to work with!”

    Olivia Santarelli

    Associate Director - Customer Loyalty & Retention - Gemini
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    Grafted helped us transform a decent lifecycle communications system into a premier one with their industry-leading experience and strategy. Within three months, we were able to see a very positive impact on our business with increased conversion on primary user actions.”

    Jordan Wexler

    CEO - EarlyBird
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    Grafted was critical when we moved our lifecycle marketing programs over to Braze. Not only did they provide strategy guidance and training for our entire team, but they were always there for random questions and troubleshooting along the way.”

    Lindsay Brocco

    Director of Growth Marketing - Surfline
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    Their commitment, concerns around challenges we faced as a company and well-thought out approach to various campaigns assured me that we had the best possible partner for all of our lifecycle initiatives.”

    Navid Firoozi

    Chief Marketing Officer - DiversyFund
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    Grafted ramped up really quickly and designed several comprehensive lifecycle marketing campaigns for us…they managed to absorb all the complexity and create templates for us that we’re still using today!”

    Kira Walter

    Director of Marketing - Clair

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