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What Our Clients Say

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    Grafted helped us transform a decent lifecycle communications system into a premier one with their industry-leading experience and strategy. Within three months, we were able to see a very positive impact on our business with increased conversion on primary user actions.”

    Jordan Wexler

    CEO - EarlyBird
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    We really enjoyed working with Grafted to uplift our entire customer marketing program. Besides being experts at customer growth, they are really fun to work with!”


    Olivia Santarelli

    Associate Director - Customer Loyalty & Retention - Gemini
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    Grafted was critical when we moved our lifecycle marketing programs over to Braze. Not only did they provide strategy guidance and training for our entire team, but they were always there for random questions and troubleshooting along the way.”

    Lindsay Brocco

    Director of Growth Marketing - Surfline
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    Their commitment, concerns around challenges we faced as a company and well-thought out approach to various campaigns assured me that we had the best possible partner for all of our lifecycle initiatives.”

    Navid Firoozi

    Chief Marketing Officer - DiversyFund
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    Grafted ramped up really quickly and designed several comprehensive lifecycle marketing campaigns for us…they managed to absorb all the complexity and create templates for us that we’re still using today!”

    Kira Walter

    Director of Marketing - Clair
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